Laura Di Francesco

Laura Di Francesco is an illustrator, a painter, a texture designer. She works for publishers, theatral scenography, video clip and fashion. Never enough of art expression... "Through colours I find my only way to reach happiness... I'd love to discover people's childhood, inside everyone!" Laura was born in Rome, Italy in 1976. She was defined "shy" during the school… but all the things she had to say was always translated in pictures from her hands. She studied in the Art Academy of Rome. She leaved for Tokyo in 1999 where she started to learn Japanese language, culture and classic art. Her paintings are appreciate because of the light kindness to use China's coloured ink. In 2000 she came back to Italy, get ready to work for tourism as guide in various tour operator. For fortune Laura had a daughter in 2003 who inspired her to place own career in illustration for children's books. From 2005 she starts the first engagement drawing advertisement project for "FRAMMENTI" an art festival happening in Frascati, Castelli Romani, during fall season. On december 2005 she worked for the theatre company "TDA - Teatro delle apparizioni - TEATRO FURIO CAMILLO" with an illustrated box, all around Italy. That box was used for the exhibition "DROMO - The secrets of childhood". She exposed in: L'IMPICCIONE VIAGGIATORE, "tasty" art gallery, Via Madonna ai monti, Rome 2005/06; DROMO – Childhood secrets, Furio Camillo theatre, Rome 2005; L'IMPICCIONE VIAGGIATORE, 2007; CRACK! FUMETTI DIROMPENTI, CSOA Forte Prenestno, Rome 2007; DUNCAN3.0, Via Anassimandro 15, Rome 2008. She published: "Kyoko e la nascita del Giappone" Sinnos Editrice, 2007; "La principessa sul Cocomero" Coccole e Caccole editrice, 2007; "Calendario Interculturale" Sinnos Editrice, 2008."
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